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There are three different types of opportunities available at CDO Pakistan

1 Volunteers
Anybody who wants to join CDO team as a volunteer is welcome

2 Interns
Interns with work experience for CDO Pakistan would be given preference in case of any vacant position if they are found suitable for the position after completing the HR requirements

3 Employees

1 Description for Volunteers

Organization welcomes anyone who likes to volunteer for a cause

Requested Skills and Abilities:

  • Anybody who is genuinely interested in charity work & social reforms irrespective of cast, sex & religion etc
  • Must be non political

  • Benefits
    There are a number of reasons to volunteer for this position, including:

  • You will become a member of a dynamic group of community minded individuals who want to help others around the globe
  • You will add to your skill set and will be recognized for your volunteer contribution
  • Volunteering presents challenges and opportunities for one to grow
  • Volunteering experience enhances one’s self confidence and self-esteem
  • Volunteering shows character

  • 2 General Requirements for Interns

    What We Require:
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments
  • Creative and Flexible
  • Interested in the issues equal access to learning resources and generally socially conscious individual
  • Attentions to detail with the ability to multi-tasking
  • Genuine interest in community development
  • Flair to travel

  •   a. Finance or Accounting Intern

       Organization is looking for a Finance/Accounting intern The person filling this position will handle a wide range of important duties


  • Assist with month-end financial reports
  • Post journal entries
  • Help with accounts receivable, payable and bank statement reconciliation
  • Assist with audits
  • Balance sheet reconciliation
  • Work with the finance team on yearly forecasting efforts
  • Manage the monthly tracking of our physical inventory
  • Support the payment processing team
  • Data entry
  • Credit checks

  •     Requirements
         Applicants must have a background/experience in Business, Finance, Economics or Accounting

      b. IT Intern

          Organization is looking for an IT intern The person filling this position will handle a wide range of important duties


  • Some experience in programming, Database Management, Coral Draw and Adobe Photoshop
  • Maintenance of hardware, software and other systems
  • Troubleshoot issues with equipment like printers, computers and servers
  • Run software updates backups when requested

  •       Requirements
          A person with hands on knowledge is preferable

    Form for Employees
    Form for Interns
    Form for Volunteers

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